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DTV Medical Facility Notifications Made Easy

RF Notifications is your “one stop” resource for providing all DTV Medical facility notifications as required by the FCC and 47 CFR 15.242(a)(1)).

RF Notifications was founded to solve a very specific need for broadcast engineers.  The DTV Medical facility notification process, while necessary, is a distraction from the "real" engineering work that needs to be done in the repack.  The process of researching, notifying, and reporting a frequency change to all of the medical related facilities in your broadcast area is time consuming and expensive.  Our firm specializes in simplifying this task for you.  

New channel assignments are here and the broadcast repack stampede is underway. We are your turnkey solution for making DTV Medical notifications easy and cost effective to fulfill.  We focus on medical facility notifications while you focus on the important aspects of the repack.  

DTV Medical facility notifications are a requirement for all stations with a new channel assignment.  The costs associated with these notifications are a reimbursable expense in the post auction channel relocation process.

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What We Do


The first step in our process is to analyze your station(s) signal area and identify all of the medical related facilities in your area.  These include hospitals, surgical centers, cardiac treatment centers, physician staffed clinics, medical offices, nursing homes, and a variety of other medical facilities.  We create a medical facilities database for your signal area and continue to monitor and update the database through the channel relocation.


Utilizing the database for your signal area, we generate a formal letter (approved by the station) with all of the pertinent frequency relocation information and send it to the medical facilities identified in the research process.  These notifications will be sent via the U.S. Postal Service and we have a return address directed to our office.  Any returned mailings will be collected and presented to station for placement in the public file.

Public filing/reporting

Once the notification process is completed, we provide you with everything required to update your public file in a clean and professional manner.  Our "deliverables" include a cover letter, a copy of the notice and the pertinent technical data, a mailing list of the counties covered, a proof of mailing, and a copy of all returned/undelivered mailings. 

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